Tehran Studio © is an enabling space for art and culture, based in Tehran, Vienna, and the digital world.

Soheil Hosseini

Graphic designer, painter, producer

Soheil Hosseini is founder and director of Tehran Studio. He is an Iranian graphic designer, painter and researcher. He studied at the college of fine arts in Tehran which is the most notable arts academy in Iranian history. He pursues his BA in the School of Art and Architecture in Azad University, Tehran, Iran. Moreover, he is a graphic designer and art consultant of the Music Center and he is a technical director of Tehran School’s Publication, Magham Magazine, Gozar Magazine, Torreh Magazine, Shams Magazine, Farabi Magazine etc. He also worked as graphic designer for more than 10 festivals and congresses including Fajr Festival, Omid, Golden knot and Children’s Theater. He is Editor and Graphic designer of Tehran Studio Book as well.

Soheil Human

Philosophy, cognitive science, digital

Soheil Human has  an interdisciplinary background in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, History and Philosophy of Science and Science-Technology-Society (STS). Currently, he is a lecturer and research associate at the Department of Information Systems and Operations of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) and a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna. His current research focus is on human needs, personal data processing and accountable computing. Soheil applies a wide range of theories and methods from Philosophy, Cognitive & Information Economics, Conceptual & Computational Cognitive Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, and Semantic Web in his research.

Sohrab Hosseini

Writer and theater director

-Editor in chief of Gozar Mag.
-Editor in chief of Magham Mag.
Shamsolemareh, Rozaneh publication
Manzoumeh Shahrzad, Negah Publication
-Theater play:
“Aramesh…”,, Paliz Hall
“Bloody Land”,Shahrzad Hall
“Two and a Half Clowns”, by Jalal Tehrani, City Theater Hall
“Publication of lies to create public anxiety” Shahrzad Hall,
“Khoonkhrdegi”, Shahrzad Hall
“Bloody Land”, Second perform, Shahrzad Hall
“Zibaie…”, Shahrzad Hall