azadeh Ardalan آزاده اردلان/استودیو تهران/Tehran Studio/tehran gallery/نقاشی/هنر/

Artist: Azadeh Ardalan

Title: Untitled

Code: AZAR005pa

Medium: Fine art print on cardboard

Edition: 10

Size: 300 x 420 mm
( 11,8 x 16,5 inch.)

Estimated Price: 8/000/000 T

azadeh Ardalan آزاده اردلان/استودیو تهران/Tehran Studio/tehran gallery/نقاشی/هنر/

Azadeh Ardalan was born in 1983, in Iran. At a young age she started learning different foreign languages. Her passion for learning different languages led her to know more about the cinema and literature of Iran and other countries. Cinema and literature has made her imagination stronger for creating intensely and constantly her contemporary world. After diploma she moved to Italy to persue her studies in languages and literature at Bologna university in Italy. Azadeh Ardalan is a self-taught artist. The majority of her current paintings depict figures in interiors who are sitting, standing, thinking or eating like a set of theatre. Colour and composition are two elements that are getting significant importance in her recent works. A lot of the real feeling of a painting is transported through colour. Ardalan’s works has been featured in various magazines around the world. She was one of Delphian open call winners in 2020 in London. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide. some of her recent exhibitions are group exhibitions in Brest’s Museum of Fine Arts in France, Luigi Varoli Museum in Italy, Fondazione Gesualdo Bufalino Onlus in Italy, Delphian gallery in London and so many other exhibitions around the world. She has had a solo exhibition in Maryam gallery In Tehran.