shishegaran/رضاهدایت/استودیو تهران/Tehran Studio/tehran gallery/نقاشی/هنر/شیشه گران

Artist: Behzad Shishegaran

Title: Untitled

Code: BESH006kd

Medium: Silk screen

Edition: of 20

Size: 500 x 700 mm
( 19,6 x 27,5 inch. )

Estimated Price: 10/000/000T

Behzad Shishegaran/بهزاد شیشه گران/نقاشی/tehrangallery/تهران گالری/گالری تهران/Tehran Studio/studio tehran/ استودیو تهران/تهران استودیو

Behzad Shishegaran Painter, Designer and Graphic Artist born Tehran 1952./College graduate from Tehran Fine Arts Higher Education Center./MA degree in Graphic Arts from Tehran Fine Arts University./Accomplished over 700 portrait paintings of top local & international cultural & political & art personalities./Having Designed & produced tens of social cultural & politically motivated posters on personal initiative – none were commissioned by clients since 1985 up to now./26  individual physical and online painting exhibitions  & participated in many local group shows./Having 26 collections of paintings, drawings & graphic art./Participated in group painting exhibitions abroad China, Bangladesh, Malasia, Italy, Switzerland & France./Having designed trade brands, Logos, book cover designs, also for magazine covers & designed 3 sets of Persian Alphabet Logos together with parcel designs./Teaching Drawing & painting & graphic art since 1975./Published the book “100 Portraits of Champion Takhty” painting, drawing portraits of Takhty first edition 1998./Published the book “100 Portraits of Champion Takhty” painting, drawing portraits of Takhty second edition 2014./First Winner of Iran’s Painting Biennal 1993 at Tehran’s Contemporary Arts Museum./Member of the Board of Directors of the National Paintings Association 2007 to 2010.