soroush milanizadeh/عکس/استودیو تهران/Tehran Studio/tehran gallery/photo/هنر/سروش میلانی زاده

Artist: Soroosh Milanizadeh

Title: From The “Eve’s Desire” Series

Code: SOMI009pe

Medium: Staged photography
Archival Print

Edition: 5 Editions + 2 AP

Size: 1500 x 1000 mm
(59 x 39,3 inch.)

Estimated Price: N/A

soroush milanizadeh/عکس/استودیو تهران/Tehran Studio/tehran gallery/photo/هنر/سروش میلانی زاده

Soroosh Milanizadeh, born in 1978, is an Iranian artist and art curator, a photography graduate from Art and Architecture Azad University of Tehran. He started his constant professional career in 1999 and has attempted to express his social concerns, particularly the position of women in society ever since. All along this path, he has not confined himself to photography and has also taken advantage of films, video arts and performances as well to express his emotions and viewpoints. Women and woman-related issues have been the consistent and explicit elements in all his works depicting his interest and stance on their social, personal and sexual place. As he states, this interest originates from a challenge he faces in his personal experiences and views towards women around him. Besides his Artworks having been exhibited in Iran’s most prestigious galleries and catching the eyes of art collectors and audience in Iran, they have also been exhibited in Florence Biennale 2019 and were sold in Bonhams Auctions (Islamic & Indian Art) in 2015, and in Tehran Auctions in 2014 and 2016. Having considered the lack of devoted and technical art curators in Iranian art society, Soroosh Milanizadeh has curated a number of successful collections by both young talented artists and art pioneers who are known for their style under the title “From Where to Where?” which is considered a research on art leaving far-reaching positive effects on the trend of art curating in Iran. He has been devoting more time on painting for the past three years, an art he was once involved in during his teenage years.